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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 21, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: geoff and i are practicing for a new commercial. [laughter] do that look that you do when you're in a commercial. you look up with your eyes and go like that. [laughter] do that. geoff: i can't look up, you idiot!
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craig: well, all right then try and look happy. [laughter] i love you, man. geoff: you're very close to me right now. [laughter] craig: i know. geoff: i hope that's your hand. [laughter] craig: good night, everybody.,,, ,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. two earthquakes in the same place rattled the bay area. what was different about the second one? >> libyans celebrate the fall of gadhafi. his last words and the james bond-like weapon he had. >> i think that he kind of felt that if you ignore something, if you don't want something to exist, you can have magical thinking. it worked for him in the past. >> steve jobs secret regret. what the apple visionary refused to do that could have saved his life. and good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. dana has the night off. did you feel them? two earthquake rattled a large part of the bay area tonight.
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>> tonight at 8:16, a 3.8 quake centered in berkeley. it was an aftershock of a 4.0 quake at 2:41 this afternoon in about the same area. the epicenter of the main quake was under the campus at uc berkeley. juliette is standing by tonight. >> reporter: ken, while my photographer and i were inside of our news van putting together our story about this afternoon's earthquake, yet another earthquake happened tonight. it rocked our news van about 8:16 tonight as you said. geologists saying it happened near the heyward fault line. call it interesting timing, call it ironic. these earthquakes happening today when the state of california was preparing for the big one. around 8:15 tonight and round two. >> it was scary. >> it was shorter. >> shorter than the afternoon one? >> i'm scared there's going to
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be a bigger one next time. >> as for this afternoon's earthquake. >> all of a sudden the building shook and i ran outside and it was over. >> and people from as far south as santa cruz, as far north as santa rosa and into the sacramento area reported feeling both earthquakes. dr. brad is with the usgs. >> this is a strike foot motion. so the heyward fault is right lateral. one side moves when you welcome across the fault. moves to the right relative to if you are on the opposite side. >> while the tremblers didn't do much damage and lasted a few seconds, it triggers the looming question, is it a precursor to the big one? >> there's always a chance this could be followed by a larger earthquake. but the chances of that happening decrease rapidly with time. >> what's ironic, the earthquakes happen on the same day as the great american
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shakeout. a statewide drill where california's schools and businesses practice ducking and covering. this uc berkeley school journalist were covering today's earthquake drills and earthquake retrofit work at memorial stadium when the trembler happened. >> yeah, i mean, we didn't really do it. everybody thought for a moment and went on. a lot of kids are from california and used to earthquakes by this point. >> so obviously tonight, the topic of conversation here in berkeley, the earthquakes and a lot of students coming up to us tonight saying is this a precursor to the big one? geologists tell us this is about a 5% chance, roughly, that this afternoon's earthquake and this evening is a fore shock to a larger earth quick. >> heyward fault in east bay have not been immuned to what geologists call quake swarms or quake clusters. are we entering another period where we might see more of
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that? >> reporter: that's a good question, because we've had four earthquakes or aftershocks today. geologists say a swarm is typically about ten to 10,000 earthquakes. so we haven't had that yet. if we have more, we'll be entering that swarm or cluster category of earthquakes. >> all right, we'll see what happens in the next 24 and 48. juliette in berkeley. thank you. whenever you feel the earth move and you're not near a tv, you can find out what's going on. use your computer or your telephone. you can go to we keep the seismograph up on that site. you can find out how big it was and where it was centered. and now this developing story. there will be extra security at three bay area schools tomorrow. the schools are all in concord. concord high, eldorado middle and westward elementary school. robert lyles on the alert thousands of parents are getting tonight.
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robert. >> elizabeth, there was a message received here at concord high school earlier today. apparently so rattled the staff that the mt. diablo schools took to the phones tonight with these ominous details. >> this afternoon concord high school received a threatening fact that stated someone would come to the campus tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and shoot people. concord high staff contacted the concord police who are investigating the matter. >> alerts have been issued to eldorado and westward elementary schools because they are across the street from the cann concorde campus. they are taking no chances because a similar call was made to the high school in martinez just one week ago tonight. cbs 5 has also been told every teacher at the combined three schools have been instructed to prepare to lock down the campuses on a moment's notice, but that is offering little comfort to parents who answered
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the superintendent's call tonight. >> oh, kind of scary. >> in what way? >> don't want to send my child to school tomorrow. >> because of the message? >> because of the fear of what could happen. >> i don't know what to think. whether it's true or not true. i don't know if we are going to send our daughter to school tomorrow. we are still talking about it, but we are probably not. >> superintendent lawrence stresses to parents he asked for additional police officers to be posted at each school, especially due to a big football game scheduled for tomorrow. tonight, concord police are not commenting on their efforts to staff up at each of these schools. there was another threat. this one racially motivated at buena vista elementary school. the school district there was widely criticized for not alerting parents immediately. perhaps that's why this very descriptive call went out to
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parents tonight. elizabeth. >> lyle, thank you. well, his last words were don't shoot. don't shoot. the last words of moammar gadhafi. libyan revolutionaries did indeed shoot and kill him today. and word of gadhafi's death sent libyans into the streets to celebrate. the end of the man who ruled their country for 40 years. nato helped the revolutionary forces bring down gadhafi and find him. today president obama praised the international effort. >> we did exactly what we said we were going to do. i think it underscores to work together as an international community. >> president obama and nato are urging libyans to make a smooth transition and avoid any infighting. it all started about midnight last night our time.
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david martin with the details on gadhafi's final moments, including a unique weapon that in the end didn't save him. >> this morning french war planes attacked a giant convoy of more than 100 four wheel drive vehicles fleeing west out of gadhafi's hometown. the convoy tried to evade the aircraft by splitting into smaller parts. at least 15 of them were hit and their occupants killed. the vehicle was turned out to be carrying gadhafi was damaged, but not destroyed. he and his body guards abandoned the vehicle and took cover in drainage pipes where they were cornered by a band of antigadhafi fighters. already with graffiti, this is where gadhafi, who once lived in splendor made his last stand. who shot him is still a mystery. according to one account was his own body guards. one of whom is laying dead on the ground.
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presumably they wanted to spare him from being captured. gadhafi was armed with a golden fist, which is now a prize trophy for rebels who eight months ago didn't stand a chance against one of the world's most repressive regimes. as this video shows, gadhafi was taken alive and handled roughly. whether he would have survived his wounds with better treatment is not known. one of his sons was also killed today in another reported capture. but most of gadhafi's inner circle either dead, captured, or in exile, nato after flying more than 26,000 missions can now end it bombing campaign. that could happen as soon as tomorrow, although flights are likely to continue a while longer. now for the hard part. establishing a democratic form of government in a country that has known nothing but gadhafi for the past four decades. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. tonight we're hearing the 911 calls made during the
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shooting rampage at a cement plant. >> where are you shot, sir? >> my arms. >> okay. >> on my arms and i think one of my legs. i can't really see. i just see blood everywhere. >> gunman shot and killed three coworkers at the leehigh. he shot and killed himself as authorities closed in on him the next day. other news making headlines in the bay area. commuters were met with a mess of feathers after a big rig overturned, carrying 5,000 live chickens. the chp shut down all westbound traffic while the mess was cleaned up. no one was seriously hurt. tonight marks 20 years exactly since one of the worst fires in bay area history. on october 20, 1991, a massive fire erupted in the oakland hills. 25 people died. the planes flames leveled
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more than 5,000 homes. coming up, the one thing steve jobs refused to do. >> bay area rents are going through the roof. the suburban city with the highest jump. and how a suitcase is ,,,,,,
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turns out that steve jobs refused early and potentially life saving surgery on the cancer that eventually killed
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him a few weeks ago. that is according to biographer who will appear this weekend on 60 minutes. >> then they do a biopsy and this is good. one of the slow growing cancers that can be cured, but steve jobs doesn't get operated on right away. he tries to treat it with diet. he goes to spiritists. he does it macrobioticly and he doesn't get an operation. g why doesn't he get it operated on immediately? >> i asked him that and he said i didn't want my body to be opened. i didn't want to be violated in that way. he is regretful about it. his wife is a very solid, decent person and said no, no, the body is there to serve the spirit. you should get this operated on and soon everybody is telling him, quit trying to treat it with all these roots and vegetables and things.
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just get operated on. he does it nine months later. >> too late? >> well, one assumes it's too late because by the time they operate on him, they notice it spread to the tissues around the pancreas. >> how could such a smart man do such a stupid thing? >> you know, i think that he kind of felt that if you ignore something, if you don't want something to exist, you can have magical thinking. it worked for him in the past. >> fascinating interview. you can see that full interview sunday night at 7:00 here on cbs 5. the bay area has always been a pricey place to put down roots. but in some areas, rent is through the roof. prices in parts of south bay has risen sharply since last year. analysts say two things are happening. silicon valley is hiring again, increasing demand for rentals and many former homeowners are renting again because they've had to downsize or lost their homes to foreclosure.
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>> a lot of people who could not afford to make a $6,000 a month mortgage payment gave up their house. their credit took a hit, but now they have to rent a place for $1500 or $2,000 a month. they can do that. >> rents rose more sharply in cupertino. republican presidential candidate, michele bachmann stumped in the bay area today. this is her second visit in just over a month. her appearance at the commonwealth club in san francisco was sold out. she detailed her ideas on how to fix america's future. >> but when government gets in the business of blindly choosing winners and losers, as in the case of solyndra's of this administration. it becomes our cash for government's cloggers. and worse, american competitiveness in the world
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becomes badly damaged. that's the casualty. >> last month bachmann spoke at a private home in marin county who paid $100 each to hear her speak. since then, the minnesota congresswoman has struggled in the polls. it are places where darkness can mean death. a berkeley doctor found a way to bring life saving light to third world hospitals using the power of the sun. >> now, her solar suitcases are traveling around the world. kit shows us the doctor is in the spotlight tonight. >> in the hospitals of developing countries, you can't save what you can't see. >> power outages are a way of life and in some cases, death. when the sun goes down, doctors deliver babies and even perform surgeries by candle light. when mistakes are made, patients die. >> it was inconceivable to me that someone could be a physician and the lights could
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go out. i didn't know how people could continue. >> in 2008 while working in nigeria, the doctor got frustrated after watching patients get turned away and c- sections done in darkness. the solar suitcase was born. >> when i realized it would make a difference in people's life, it was huge. >> the suitcase has state of the art custom solar panels that charges a battery, that can power two lights for days. the $1500 unit can charge a cell phone along with aa batteries for a fetal heart rate monitor and head lamps. >> more women were able to be cared for. so the capacity to see patients was increased and the maternal death rate went down. >> they touched lives all over the world. in some cases, they is gotten enough panels to run a refrigerator and store blood donations, all powered by the sun. which brings us to the tech
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awards in santa clara tonight. one of the most prestigious awards in the world. they are competing for $50,000 prize. if they win, they can build another 20 units. >> the $50,000 cash prize recipient of the nokia health award is, we care solar. [ applause ] >> i want to thank all the sponsors and everyone involved for helping us shine a light on a problem that is really largely over looked. >> for the 300,000 clinics worldwide that are in the dark now, we care is their brightest hope. in santa clara, cbs 5. and from the cbs 5 weather center, noting overcast skies tonight, but it's going to pan out to be a warmer day tomorrow. then, the day that will top off near 90 degrees as eyewitness news,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the weekend is almost here. what's the weather going to be like? >> once we get rid of the
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clouds tomorrow morning, we won't have a cloud in the forecast through the rest of the month. wow, did she go out on a limb on that one. we currently do have the overcast skies from the coast into the bay and now beginning to march into our inland areas. overnight lows tonight, pretty much between 51 and 56 degrees. looks like overcast conditions with the marine layer currently sitting at 1600 feet deep. tomorrow morning a great start for the morning commute and then sunshine. warmer at 68 in san francisco. up from today's high of 61 degrees. typically we should be at 69 and 74 degrees in san jose. this is the bank of low clouds and fog and notice how patchy it is in the overnight hours and quickly wipes away during the day tomorrow. that is going to allow warmer temperatures statewide. so it is a get away friday. forecasting 80 degrees at the state capital. 57 degrees once the clouds clear in uereeka.
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uereeka. so as it expands, that ridge of high pressure warms up the at moc fear. a string of 60s will be noted. swinging in to the santa clara valley at 77 degrees in morgan hill. going with an outside number 78 degrees. north west winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. 78 degrees for the outside number. north of the golden gate bridge in santa rosa. here is the extended forecast and as you were asking for, elizabeth, there's your weekend. near 90 on sunday. offshore winds increase on monday through wednesday with the potential of high fire danger. sunday, are you ready for some football? it's the raiders playing host to the chiefs. daytime temperature at 75 degrees. big question, dennis, you know what it is. >> two big questions actually. who is the raider quarterback and is sunday's game the sellout?
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and leather is in. what a series tonight.,,,,,,,,,,
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streak was on the line tonight the rangers haven't lost back to back games in two months. that streak was on the line tonight in the world series game. clipped on the shoulder by a foul ball, but this is the world series, hang tough, stay in the game. allen craig pinch hitting again tonight and again, he comes through. breaks up a scoreless game. 1-0 st. louis. same score, top of the 9th. josh hamilton has been playing through a groin injury. deep on a fly ball. tieing run scores and elvis andrews able to tag up and go
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to third. that was big because the next man, michael young, that is a fly ball to right center. andrews, texas takes a 2-1 lead. the cardinals got the potential go ahead run to the plate against feliz, but the rangers even the best of seven series in one game a piece. the nfl granted the raiders an extension to try to sell out sunday's game against kansas city. tickets still remain at now the other question is carson karr palmer going to start? >> everybody made decisions for me. thank you. i appreciate it. i am not telling anybody anything. you can all stop now. telling you right now, i dent have to. >> is using carson an option? >> he is money.
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college football, keep an eye on the ref. it's actually a fan. the real ref figures it out. arizona and ucla players started going at it. calls it a fight. two players were ejected. beats them up in the process. 48-12. i have in my hand, the thursday night's top five. >> number five, baseball fever. do you see him swat that thing from midair? >> that's high sticking, isn't it? >> no, it didn't hit anybody. >> scored three touchdowns. this is highway robbery. look at that. number 3, canadians goalie, price. >> that's icing. >> that is brilliant goal tending right there. number 2, the rangers, elvis andrews flips. bare handed throw.
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this reminds me of chris. here he is again. ends the threat and number one play of the night. >> coming in, second attempt. oh no. oh wow. are you okay, kyle? >> kyle is okay. only his pride is hurt after his crash during the college water skiing nationals. did you know there was a college water skiing nationals? >> i knew there was a water ski team in california. several campuses have ,,
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